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Medical Cannabis Required Documents

The following are requried for all applicants

  • Valid New Mexico issued Photo ID or Driver’s License. – PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS CLEAR AND VISIBLE. (Temporary IDs are not accepted)
  • Release of Medical Information Form filled out completely
  • Enrollment/Re-enrollment Medical Certification Form
  • If you intend to grow, a Personal Production License Form filled out completely will also be required. This must be completed annually or if any information changes i.e. location, security etc.)

If applying for chronic pain...

  • A certification from a New Mexico pain specialist
  • A second certification from a primary physician

If applying for PTSD...

  • Medical records showing a phychiatrist's diagnose

If applying for Glaucoma...

  • Medical records showing an ophthalmologist’s diagnosis

If applying for Inflammatory Autoimmune-Mediated Arthritis...

  • Must have a certification from a Rheumatologist

Hepatitis C Infection (Currently receiving antiviral treatment)

  • Proof of current anti-viral treatment required

Painful Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Medical records with diagnosis

We can help you acquire all necessary medical paperwork!

Here at Zia's Medical Cannabis Program we strive to make sure everyone has the option to use all natural medicines as a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and to alleviate the symptons caused by a wide variety of medical conditions.

To obtain all the necessary forms and have them filled out by our MMJ-Friendly doctors please use the link below.

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